Did you know that GSuite (by Google) is one of the most efficient management tools used by business owners today?

GSuite provides you with a suite of google web applications, for example, Gmail (your email account using your own business email address), Google calendar, Docs, Sheets and data storage, to name a few.

All-in one place, easy to use and accessible from anywhere, from your desktop, your tablet, even your mobile phone.

These Google apps make collaboration simple and effective. You will be able to share calendars, create video conferences and much more.

And its affordable. With a choice of three different plans depending on your needs. GSuite Basic, GSuite Business and GSuite Enterprise. The GSuite Basic costs only USD6.00 per month.

Here is what you need to do get your GSuite set up:

– Sign up for GSuite here
– You could use the GSuite setup wizard here

Google will guide you through all the steps. This includes verifying your domain and setup of each Google web application you decide to use.

This has been a very efficient process for me in my business operations. All applications at my fingertips, easily accessible across all devices.

As your Virtual Assistant I can help you with the setup of many efficient business tools which will free up your time, making your business more productive, and more profitable.

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