Remote Business




Project Management



International Business



Supporting you in all aspects of the online business environment. Working through the essential steps towards a successful strategy implementation.

An example of services in this package:

  • creation and maintenance of your website
  • setup and establishment of your social media visibility
  • knowledge conversion to online content
  • editing, proof-reading, formatting and publishing of your content across different channels
  • organisation and coordination of online events using effective tools and technology
  • email, agenda, document & data management

Assisting the Project Manager in the management, planning and execution of various projects.

 An example package includes:

  • assisting with project administration and support
  • helping with the formatting, publishing, recording, or sharing of reports and documents
  • scheduling meetings, recording and distributing meeting minutes
  • coordinating projects and schedules, and tracking the progress of projects
  • communicating ideas and contributing to discussions

Helping international companies and their staff with the transition and relocation of their business to the Netherlands.

 An example package includes:

  • assisting companies, employees with the transition and relocation to a new country, becoming accustomed to a new culture, climate and ways of working
  • focal point for English to Dutch communications
  • building effective processes for working virtually either for business or individually

* The above packages will be adapted to your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.